Stardream Amethyst Paper & Board




Stardream Amethyst Paper & Board

StarDream offers a stunning range of pearl and metallic paper and board suitable for brochures, folders, menus, invitations and greeting cards.
Realized with Elementary Chlorine Free, or ECF wood free primary pulp, tinted with pearlescent pigments.

A4 pearl and metallic finished paper
Perfect for arts & crafts, home use and schools
Works well in the office environment
Suitable for: Brochures, folders, menus,
invitations & greeting cards, etc.

*Disclaimer: Due to colour variations on the many different monitors and colour printers including inkjet, laser and large format printer, if you are concerned about exact colour, etc. and wish to clarify, we recommend that you first contact us to ensure proper colour representation.
RBE Stationery Manufacturers cannot be held responsible for any selections of colours from this website.

Available in:

A4 Paper 120gsm
Item Code: PFSDAMA4
  A4 Board 285gsm
Item Code: BFSDAMA4
packs of 10's   packs of 10's
packs of 25's    
packs of 100's    

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