The School Printing Specialist

The best quality Exercise Books made in South Africa for South African scholars.

All our NEW exercise books feature:

  • Precisely litho printed pages on high-quality smooth 60gsm bond paper.
  • Extra thought, durable 176gsm Kraft Board Covers.
  • Thread sewn,  no prickly staples and no falling out pages.

We can Personalise the covers of any of our books, send us an EMAIL to enquire.

Personalised School Exercise Books

Personalised School Exercise Books

You don’t have to spend hours covering your books, let us do it for you! With funky designs & colours for your covers, choose the suitable ruling for the inside, add your details and you’re good to go!

School Attendance Register

Attendance Registers

In South Africa we know how important it is to keep track of our students. So make sure you have everyone accounted for with our School Attendance Registers.

Book Covers Category Link

Book Covers

Boring school books lead to bored scholars, liven up your books with our easy to use pre-cut book covers in various colours and designs. Cover your books in a flash.

Bright Assorted Cue Cards

Cue Cards

Always be prepared with the RBE range of brightly coloured and pocket-sized Cue Cards. Great for learning and school presentations.

Educational Products - Categories

Educational Pads

Every student requires a handful of different types of books and pads. Each educational pad has a purpose and a layout to match. Using the correct pad gets better results.

Exercise Book Categories Link

Exercise Books

Exercise books come in many shapes and sizes with a multitude of uses and layouts. Our quality exercise books are ready to make your learning better.

Music Books- Categories

Music Books

At RBE we love encouraging your musical talent with our 6 and 12 Stave music books made from premium quality paper. Get yours today and share your talent with the world.

RBE Revision Cards

Revision Cards

Our Revision Cards add an easy to use, compact and colourful learning aid to your arsenal of study tools. Different colours and layouts for different subjects.